For those who keep dreaming of better and greener pastures in Australia, do read about my experience and know the real situation there, before you make your move there…

People like “Sydney Sider”, who wrote this article: “Response to Goodbye Singapore“, are either fake (could be migration company), or holding very high-end jobs. Come on, when you are rich, everywhere also good, even in Iraq…

Cheap car, cheap house, that’s what they said… sounds good, until you stay there, live there, study there, work there, then you will start to realize, you are not KING like we are here in Singapore.

Australia has becomes another USA

You feel that we have too many nationalities here in Singapore? Try Australia. Any Tom, Dick and Harry are there. And they are not tourists, everybody wants to stay there, everybody wants to work there. So you feel that Singapore is too competitive? Well you can try your luck there, but make sure you can argue and talk faster than 265 nationals there. Before you enjoy your life like “Sydney Sider” above, make sure you get a good job first, and that is a BIG STRUGGLE for now…

With so many nationalities and cultures there, there will definitely be a cultural clash like in USA. These are the crime numbers:

From 2011–2012 a total of 91 homicides, 2,645 sexual assaults, 22,818 assaults and 1,777 robberies were recorded in Western Australia with a total of 32,091 offences against the person being recorded. In the same time frame a total of 36,551 incidents of burglary, 85,541 incidents of theft were recorded with a total of 160,445 offences against property being recorded.

Such crime numbers are more than for JB and KL combined. Now you know why so many Australians prefer to stay in Singapore – because their home country is NOT SAFE !!

And worse is the DRUG ABUSE!! If you are a parent, you will be very worried because illegal drugs are easily obtained there. You name it, Ganja, Meth, Coke, etc. A record 100,000 arrests were made, and there were 80,000 seizures of illicit drugs last year. Now you know why so many Australian parents bring their kids to study in Singapore – because once you see how the teenagers party over there, you will faint… sex, drugs, booze, all in one in package. [Link]

Read about Gangs in Australia here. When I was there, I was once asked to join an Asian Gang, so I can get protection from racism. Imagine if you are a parent and you see your kids joining gangs because of their fear of other races. My advise, never, never engage with Motorcycle Gangs… even locals are scared of them.


One in Three migrant experiences racist treatments. 1 in 3, not 1 in 30 !!!

It means the chances you will be called ‘chink’ or ‘fish face’ is almost 70% when you are there.

Yeap, it happened to me as well, all the time, not once, but maybe once a month. Oh well, I got used to it…. [Link]

Racism is not only from spoken words, but also from treatment. You can expect different services and treatments at restaurants, markets, your workplace, even schools. Yeap, the very school where we all spent our money. Believe me or not, ask any of your friends studying there, how many local white friends do they have? I can assure you the answer could be none. If you think the students there assimilate well, go fish !!!. People group among their own kind, the Singaporean group, the Indon group, the Indian group, Malaysian group, and of course the Locals group. End up all Asian groups always band together, and the Whites you try to avoid.

And you think cars are cheap and you can travel anywhere you want? Well, in the town maybe, but when you get out of town, make sure you never drive to Bogan (Redneck) town. If you think you can just drive to any town there and enjoy a cup of coffee like in France or Italy, think twice !!! My suggestion…. AVOID !! Redneck Town does not welcome you….. And one town to another is soooo farrrr. Australia is sooo big…. taking a plane is faster…

It’s A Welfare State

Not working, yet get salary from the Government… You think this is good?… Until you are the TAX PAYER… 70 billion paid to those not working last year. 1 in 5 received welfare from Government. Woww… 1 in 5 people just sitting on the couch watching TV and the working class have to feed them???? Yeap, that’s Australia. While you are complaining about CPF here, at least CPF is still your money, but in Australia the money is to feed 20% of Australians. Happy?? [Link]

So you think Singapore tax is high???… GST there 10%, Business Tax 30%……Payroll Tax 6% (not yet income tax, every month your salary deducted to pay the welfare state. So now are you happy CPF is still yours?).

And you heard from somebody that studying there is cheap? Free? It’s all a MYTH !!!!

[Read about education costs in Australia]

50% more expensive than Singapore !!!

You think Singapore is expensive?

Compare this :

US$ 2042: Cost of a basic health insurance policy in Australia, cheaper than the US, but more expensive than all 16 other countries surveyed.

US$ 28: Cost of a standard men’s haircut in Australia. India has the cheapest cuts at US$ 3.19 and Tokyo the most expensive at US$ 44.57.

US$ 17: Cost of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in Australia – the most expensive ciggies in the world. Manilla is the cheapest place to buy cigarettes at US$ 1.10 a pack.

US$ 17: Cost of a movie ticket in Australia, one of the most expensive tickets in the world. Cheapest is Mumbai at US$ 3.93 per movie.

US$ 38,500: Cost of a new Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI with no extras in Australia. In New Delhi you pay just US$ 18,577 but in Singapore you pay US$ 110,381.

US$ 139: Cost of a bouquet of 12 classic red roses delivered to your loved one’s door step in Australia – the most expensive place in the world to make such a gesture.

US$ 116: Cost of a pair of Levis 501 jeans in Australia, the third most expensive after Moscow and Paris.

US$ 70: Cost of a pair of Adidas Super Star 2 sports shoes in Australia – the third cheapest in the world after China (US$ 50) and India (US$ 64)

US$ 8.20: Cost of a pint of beer served in a bar Australia – the third most expensive in the world after France and Singapore.

US$ 3.55: Cost of a 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola in Australia – the most expensive Coke in the world.

And you’ve always heard that Australian homes are cheap??? Hahaha… maybe the ones you heard about are sooo ulu outside the town or just a Mickey Mouse flat for students. Australian housing is among the most expensive in the world. In the last quarter of 2013, New South Wales, especially Sydney, had the most expensive housing in the country, with the median house price at AU$ 633,200 (SGD$ 734,512), about 17.4% above the national median house price of AU$ 539,400, according to ABS. Some critics believe that the housing market is severely overvalued.

If you ask me really, everything in Australia is much more expensive than in Singapore, except a CAR. And you are willing to sacrifice everything just for a CAR ??? Oh my gosh… go rent a car and drive, lahhhh…

And Australia economy NOW is bad… real bad….

If Australia is so good, there will be no Australian family here, but look round you, how many Australian families have migrated here in Singapore? Even the richest one stay here… in Sentosa.

Beware of “Migration Services to OZ” here in Singapore. They can tell you la la land stories about Australia including articles like that from “Sydney Sider” above, but believe me, Australia may be a fun country for a holiday, but for stay? I prefer Singapore… small, safe and sound.

Be Grateful To Be Singaporean.


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