I went to a wedding dinner recently and met some relatives from overseas. One was from Switzerland and another was from New Zealand.

I was taken aback by the negative things they had heard about Singapore. They were bemused as they knew Singapore was renowned for being a great place to live and visit.

They said taxi drivers had told them these things after they revealed themselves to be visitors.

I acknowledge that citizens of any country do have their gripes. However, I expect taxi drivers to be “mini-ambassadors” of our country, especially when they are ferrying foreign visitors.

Why pour out their grievances to foreign guests and leave them with an unsavoury impression of our country?

Taxi companies should educate their drivers on their role of “selling” Singapore, so more tourists will visit and, hence, bring more business for cabbies.

Perhaps the Singapore Tourism Board should find ways to reward taxi drivers for promoting Singapore. After all, cabbies are usually the first line of contact for tourists when they arrive here.

Henry Low Chuan Hoe

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