(23 Jul) — According to information from the World Journal in the United States, a Mr. Wang from Rowland Heights said that while he was on a recent Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit, there was a little boy who needed to defecate, and his accompanying grandparents and parents unbelievably laid out newspaper on the seat to have the child “relieve” himself on the spot under the stares of everyone else.

Nearby passengers urged the elders to take the child to the restroom, but the child’s grandfather insisted on letting the child defecate on the newspaper placed on the seat. Then a stewardess came over to speak to them but the elders were unmoved, leaving the flight attendant no choice but to drop the subject. As a result of the child defecating in public with lots of people around, the odor polluted the entire cabin, and there were complaints from all the other passengers. Mr. Wang says the actions of the child’s elders deeply embarrassed all ethnic Chinese people.

A Ms. Zhang from Rosemead recently went to Los Angeles International Airport to send off her mother, and there were many ethnic Chinese people gathered at the terminal. Ms. Zhang says she and her mother were the first waiting at an elevator in the terminal, with a young ethnic Indian behind them pushing a wheelchair with an elderly woman in it. However, two men speaking Chinese, one young and one older, suddenly dashed forward and without any apprehension stood in front of Ms. Zhang, without any sense of what they had done being wrong.

The two squeezed ahead while saying, “come here quick, otherwise there won’t be any space left”…

Ms. Zhang was also extremely embarrassed, expressing that these two people have made ethnic Chinese people lose so much face.

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