Clamp down on owners who don’t clean up after their dogs

THE population of pet dogs in Singapore has been increasing exponentially.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has tried to educate dog owners to clean up after their pets, but the problem of dog poo left on the ground is still rampant.

The biggest culprits seem to be domestic helpers who walk the dogs. It is not uncommon to see them pretending not to notice that the animals have “done their business”.

The onus lies on dog owners to educate their helpers on the health hazards posed by leaving animal excrement lying around, as well as the penalties if they are caught and convicted.

Polite requests and campaigns do not seem to help. The NEA should put up clear and visible signs in areas where the problem is rampant, and conduct spot-checks to impose fines on errant owners.

It is puzzling that those who smoke in prohibited areas and litter are punished, while those who fail to clean up after their pets often get away scot-free, when this practice poses serious health hazards.

Kelly M. Kishor (Ms)

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