Dear editor

I went for a swim at Clementi Swimming Complex with a friend.

After the swim during our bath, this guy came out of the cubicle and immediately started to ogle at my parts below my waist and walked out.

Initially, I thought he was just looking and nothing else.

However, while I was drying myself, this same guy walked back in and looked at me while walking to a blocked area where the wash basins were.

By this time, my friend had already went out of the toilet to wait for me. I thought that guy was trying to wash his hands but no running water was heard.

A while later, he walked past me and scrutinized me again. This time, I was fully dressed.

However, from the corner of my eye, I saw this guy was peeping at me behind a wall.

Upon walking out of the toilet, I approached the life guard and told him what happened. We saw this guy still sitting outside the swimming complex.

When the life guard asked him why he was there, he said he was waiting for a friend. However, from what I deduced, he came alone.

The life guard and me walked out and we saw this guy walked into a block of flats alone. He said he will take action against this guy when this incident happened again.

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