The Gay Scene in Singapore

Over the last decade the gay community in Singapore has been slowly gaining traction.

The first ever Gay Pride Festival was Held in August of 2005 which marked the beginning of a more tolerant Singapore.

However, keep in mind that the country is only “tolerant” to homosexuals, they don’t quite accept them yet.

The Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong stated in 2009 that Singapore is a “Stable society with traditional, heterosexual family values, but with space for homosexuals to live their private lives and contribute to society.” This tolerance of homosexuals is a very big step for the gay community in Singapore because in the past few decades, homosexuality was completely unacceptable with reports that gay business owners were allegedly harassed by police.

As of late, Singapore’s gay community has been rapidly growing and becoming more visible. Many Singaporeans often boast that their country has the best gay scene in all of Asia! Every day there are more and more gay venues that are opening their doors and bringing more and more gay life into the thriving community. If you are looking for the gay brotherhood, then look no farther than Chinatown which is the central hub for the new homosexual awakening in Singapore.

If you get a chance, we really recommend that you stop off at the Backstage Bar and the Tantric Bar for some great company and people watching. You can also visit DYMK which has the hilarious name of: Does Your Mother Know, for some great drinks.

If you are after a more rugged gym-themed bar then stroll over to the Locker Room which employs rugged western bartenders and even hangs gym clothes from the ceiling. If you’ve got a singing voice that you need to express then hop in a taxi and head to Zouk, which is a common place for providing dance beats way into the night

Being a gay person in Singapore is by no means illegal; however, it is currently illegal to engage in homosexual activity in Singapore, but this law is very loosely enforced nowadays.

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