Lifeguard jailed for oral sex with minor


A LIFEGUARD was arrested for sexually abusing a teenager after the boy consulted a doctor for warts on his anus following a sexual encounter with the man.

A staff member at the clinic reported the case to the police in March.

Chew Ee Cheong, 31, was arrested on April 2 and found to be infected with syphilis after being screened at the Department of STI Control (DSC) Clinic.

Chew pleaded guilty last month to performing oral sex on the victim, a minor, in a shower cubicle of a swimming complex.

Another charge of committing an obscene act with the 15-year-old boy was considered during sentencing yesterday.

District Judge Lim Tse Haw sentenced Chew to 10 months’ jail.

The court heard that the victim came to know Chew at Bukit Batok Swimming Complex some time in February this year.

After a swim, Chew approached the boy in the male toilet and signalled him to enter a shower cubicle.

Chew removed the victim’s swimming trunks in the cubicle and after touching him, committed the offence.

He also obtained the victim’s phone number.

Judge Lim told Chew that as a lifeguard in a public pool, his duty was to protect users of the facility.

“Instead, you have betrayed the trust by taking advantage of the immaturity of the victim to commit the indecent act on the victim. I see that as an aggravating factor,” he added.

Chew, who could have been jailed for up to 10 years and/or fined, will surrender himself on Friday to start his jail sentence.

He said that he wanted to offer prayers at a temple, inform his father and spend some time with his bailor before going to prison.

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