Many men who are having problems getting themselves turned on for sex usually go for Viagra and such, but you don’t need that, there are foods that well known for driving up your sex drive and make you a strong sex beast in bed.

These foods will get you in the mood of making love in a very short time, and some of them can even make you last longer than you have ever been.

These foods below are recommended for sex drive, even from well known doctors all over America, as they say, “Love foods that stimulate desire are prized in cultures worldwide. These foods have circulatory, relaxant and muscle strengthening effects, or visual, tactile or sensory impact that stimulates the psyche. The brain, after all is the largest sexual organ in the body.”

OK, enough said, let’s check out the list of the food that get you horny and ready to bang your girl,

1. Chocolate

chocolate for sexAs we all know chocolates are made of cocoa, which contains a stimulating chemical known as phenylethlamine that gets you exciting and feeling alive after you consume it. Even The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that support the theory that women who enjoy a piece of chocolate every day has a more active sex life than those who don’t eat chocolates.

2. Oysters

oysters for sexFor many ages, Oysters have been known as the most natural love drug or love booster, that even Cleopatra and Casanova used to love them and consume them regularly.
Even one time, Casanova slide an oyster to a girl’s mouth using his to get seduce her.
If oysters cannot get you in the mood, I doubt anything will. It increases the dopamine levels that boost men and women’s libido and get them horny.
Oysters are also good for healthy sperm, so if you are planning on impregnating your woman, oysters are the winners for you.

3. Sea Urchin (uni)

uni for sexSea urchin or uni if you order it at your sushi restaurant is well known among sushi lovers to have before they go to their love making session. Why?
Sea urchins pack quite the nutritional punch with their high levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, zinc, and antioxidants and it is these vitamins that help encourage sexual activity, especially when used in conjunction.
Each vitamin serves a part to create an extra memorable sexual experience, vitamin E promotes increased blood flow throughout your body and is needed for optimum endurance and stamina; vitamin B helps turn carbohydrates into the energy essential for prosperous sexual activity; vitamin A, and E for that matter, are antioxidants which fight off the free radicals that cause sexual dysfunction in men and some women; lastly increased levels of zinc in the body boosts concentration and sex drive

4. Watermelon

watermelon for sexWatermelons are called the natural Viagra fruit, well, it’s not wrong, watermelons contain citrulline amino acid that helps relax our blood vessels and increase sex drive, and having this cool watermelon after your meal will surely gets you in the mood, pretty fast.

5. Avocados

avocado for sexAvocados can get you warm and make you horny in no time, that the Catholic Spanish priests forbade them to their parishioners so they don’t commit anymore sins. But yeah, avocados can get you horny and make you last longer.

6. Asparagus

asparagus for sexYou may not like vegetables, but asparagus is important to get you and your woman horny. It contains a lot of B vitamin known as folate that increases the production of histamine.
Histamine is known for driving up sex drive for both men and women.


7. Celery

celery for sexIt may not look like it, but celery can increase the pheromone level that attracts women and make women more attached to you, and when they do, you wouldn’t want to do it?


8. Garlic

garlic for sexThe heat in garlic can get you pumped up and increase your libido, but it doesn’t work right away, you need to eat it raw continuously to get it work in your system, but don’t forget to brush your teeth every time you had these, otherwise your woman might face the other way instead.


9. Pumpkin Seed

pumpkin seeds for sexPumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc that will help producing healthy sperm and help preventing lack of testosterone in men. These seeds also full of minerals like vitamin B, E, C, D, K and minerals including calcium, potassium, niacin and phosphorous that are essentials for libido level.


10. Figs

figs for sexFigs have been prized as a sensual food for their resemblance of the female sex organs. The ancient Greeks valued figs more precious than gold and many cultures associated figs with fertility.


11. Chillies

chillies for sexPeople who like spicy food are horny all the time, heard that a lot? it has truth behind it, chillies contain Capsaicin that promotes the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins that give you a natural high, which boosts that libido and gets you horny and ready to go at anytime.

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