SINGAPORE: NSmen who have failed their IPPT can now choose to participate in sports such as football, or activities such as a weight-loss regime, under a modified remedial training scheme.

It is understood that the new scheme has started in phases, and it will be fully implemented on September 1.

Currently, NSmen who fail their IPPT have to go for remedial training lasting up to 20 sessions. The training usually focuses on helping them improve on stations that they failed in, such as chin-ups or the 2.4km run.

The new remedial training scheme will give them five training options to choose from. These include a sports and games programme where they get to play football or touch rugby, and a training regime that helps them lose weight.

NSmen can also opt for a programme that improves muscular endurance, in which they train using medicine balls and kettlebells, or one that addresses cardiovascular fitness. They can also choose to undergo training that is specific to IPPT.

This improved scheme comes on the back of changes made to the IPPT preparatory training, or the IPT scheme, that went through a trial phase a month back. Both the revised remedial training and IPT schemes will be implemented in all four SAF fitness and conditioning centres in Khatib, Maju, Kranji and Bedok camps.

Some fitness instructors and NSmen told Channel NewsAsia they were briefed earlier on the new remedial training programme.

Physical training instructor Khairuddin Rahmat said: “So, at least when they come, they know what they want. If let’s say they can’t run, they can improve on their running, if they wish to improve on their running, they can select it. If they don’t wish (to), they find all the training boring, they can try for the sports and games.”

An NSman who declined to be named said: “It was the PTIs, the physical trainers, who briefed us about the stations two weeks ago. I think it’s a positive development. You know if they give us a chance to choose whatever stations we want to do, I think we’re motivated to work harder and try to pass our test.”

Ministry of Defence had announced a new IPPT format that saw the scrapping of standing broad jump and chin up stations. The new IPPT scheme will consist of only three stations – a 2.4km run, sit-ups and push-ups. The aim was to keep NS personnel healthy and help them pass the annual IPPT test.

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