It is all fun and nice until the prata falls on your head.


In a rare moment of honesty, Singapore’s National Day Parade 2014 on Aug. 9 at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay dedicated a portion of the performance to showcasing what it means to flip political prata in Singapore.

One segment in particular featured a man tossing a giant prata above his head to symbolise how policy makers, such as Cabinet ministers and politicians, look like when they say one thing and then say something later to correct that thing they just said.

Yin Du Bing, a local, said: “This is how politicians look like when they say one thing and mean another.”

“This is also how policy makers look like when they are rolling out a new policy and trying to convince everybody it looks good and taste palatable.”

“The way the prata is being flipped is supposed to impress people and inspire awe. But the prata flipper will look stupid when the prata falls on his head and he cannot extract himself from under it.”

“Act normal some more.”

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