I just want to bring to your attention that there is a large group of PRs living in Singapore with their Singapore family. I am one of them. I married my wonderful Singaporean wife and have been living here since the late 80s, way before the so called ‘FT’ issue came into being.

We have 2 wonderful sons and in case you think they are skipping NS, one finished his and is currently studying in a local university. The other will be serving his next year. All are singaporeans except myself.

Now, before you accuse me of treason, I just want to tell you why I’m not yet a singaporean. Given the crap social welfare policies practised by the Singapore government, why should I swap my citizenship to get a worse deal?

I’ve noticed that the government has recently announced a series of social measures but it remains to be seen if they sincerely want to upgrade singapore’s social policies to fall in line with those in the west.

Until then, I’m happy to remain as a PR. If you are in my position, you will do the same too.

P.S. I may not have served NS but I have produced 2 sons who have with one serving his next year. Doesn’t that count for something as far as my loyalty and commitments to Singapore is concerned?

Have a heart

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