I was compelled to write this after reading this Lionel De Souza latest comment in New Paper.

He was a police Sgt and was sacked by the Police Force for assaulting an accused person. He appealed and the Police Force allowed him to retire.

The old timers will remember he went around collecting money, using cars from rental companies without paying. He also never paid the bills at drinking holes. He had affairs. He also had the habit of informing the press of his cases to seek attention.

Lionel applied for promotion to be Inspector and he cleared his 1st interview with the department.

After that he was sent for his 2nd interview with the promotion board and his OC told him that the interview with board was only a formality.

He immediately jumped the gun and went ahead to make 5 sets of senior office uniforms.

Later he learnt that he flopped his interview and became a laughing stock.

He went on to work as Hotel Security for Oriental Hotel but it began to make the papers on various crimes as he could not keep his mouth shut.

Then he became private investigator. Hopeless guy. He is supported by his 2nd wife who is an accountant.

Can you imagine someone who writes and speaks well retiring after 30 years as only a Sgt? There has been many disciplinary charges for assault and misconduct against him.

Lionel is now a PAP member. With such a low bar of entry into PAP membership, no wonder they are losing grounds.

Former policeman

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