Dear A.S.S,

My wife usually reached home first around 6pm. She left her high heel shoes outside at our door when she reached home. We usually leave our main door open while the gate is locked.

A while later, she noticed a shadow at our doorstep. She looked and saw a male Chinese, in his early 20s and carry a haversack, in a squating position and reaching out to her high heel shoes!

My wife shouted at him, but this pervert looked up, grabbed my wife’s high heels shoes and ran. My wife open the padlock of our gate and went after him but he ran down the staircase.

She took the lift down to the 1st level but could not see the thief. My wife ask an auntie and described the male Chinese to her. The auntie said she saw the same male Chinese ran across the road very quickly. My wife asked the auntie if the male Chinese was carrying any shoes in his hands. The auntie said she did not see.

My wife went back to our house and took the same flight of stairs which the culprit fled. She found her shoes one level down at the staircase.

This is like the 5th time her high heel shoes got stolen, and a lot of my neighbours have found their ladies footwear missing, my wife called the Police. The Pplice came and took the shoes, which she did not touch, back to check for for fingerprints.

All along we thought it was some cheapo gal who stole the ladies shoes to wear or sell. So it turn out to be some male pervert who stole them!!

To those staying at Rivervale Drive or Rivervale Crescent, beware of this pervert who steals ladies shoes!

Wilson C

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