I am a native born Singaporean.

I participated in three National Day Parades in the sixties. I pounded the bitumen of Saint Andrew Road in front of City Hall with pride and dignity.

I performed the Presidential salutes during the march past to the then President Yusof bin Ishak with gusto, choked with emotions and attachment to a Singapore I called my home.

Tears welled up in my eyes doing the Presidential salute, tears of joy and pride arising from a deep sense of patriotism. I was prepared to lay my life down in defence of my beloved country, Singapore.

I proudly flew the Singapore flag on the frontage of my HDB flat. All these were solemn gestures and symbols of loyalty to my nation and a home called Singapore.

It was very special and experiential, a feeling that’s was so pervasive that patriots would never fail to experience. It was so overwhelming and it consumed your whole. No one in his right mind would ever want to trade off those experiential moments for anything in the world.

It encapsulated a complete sense of nationhood.

Later, I had never missed out watching the National Day Parades on television from home and always glued to the television and soaked in the gist of all the National Day Rally speeches by LKY and GCT imbued with promises and hopes.

National Days endeared and reaffirmed my patriotism and commitment to a Singapore I called home.

I thought I was never to give up that sense of absolute commitment to my beloved Singapore.

Things began to change since a decade back.

I began to lose that special feeling for my Singapore. I no longer fly the Singapore flag in front of my flat. I do not watch the National Day Parades on television. I really don’t give a damn to the National Day Rally speeches by the PM.

I feel that this is no longer a nation that I belong anymore and as the PM pointed out, Singapore belongs to all and sundry from around the world, never mind if these are just birds of passage, fly by night migrants sponging on us, stealing our lunches and meals, edging us out of our abodes, robbing us of our jobs, breathing down our necks and leaving us in a mess.

Till these monumental issues arising from the mad influx of over two million of foreigners are addressed and resolved; Singapore no longer feels home.

Why should I fly the Singapore flag?

Talking about political affiliation, PAP was synonymous with Singapore and Singapore synonymous with PAP only because everything that the earlier PAPs did was for the well-being and the advancement of the interests of Singaporeans. Today everything the PAP does favours the foreigners at the expense of Singaporeans.

I don’t see any efforts at resolving these issues, instead we are talking of the PWP of 7 million, 8.0 million and of late 10 million by Liu Thai Ker. At 10 million, we will be 7 million foreign and 3 million natives, we will be finished, “kaput”.

Patriot No More

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