It was reported that

“For former PRs who fail to serve NS, any immediate or future applications for renewal of their parents’ and immediate family members’ Re-Entry Permits may be adversely affected, including curtailment of the Re-Entry Permit.”

Instead of arguing whether PR needs to serve NS and in what fashion, the fundamental questions to ask are:

– how does allowing PR status benefit Singapore?

– is PR not a silly way allowing foreigners to have the best of both worlds, keeping foreign citizenship while staying in Singapore?

– how can we allow PRs to buy private and resale HDB properties while crowding out Singaporeans in the process?

– how can we allow PRs to skip NS and the government pretends to take a tough stance on this?

– why do we want to allow part time uncommitted residents here, who does not have the interests of Singapore at heart?

– how can we even allow PRs to work in the government?


The government loves to benchmark against other leading economies such as HK.

The fact is in HK, you are either a HK citizen or not. For those who are not HK citizen, you are simply considered a resident who holds an employment pass. A resident enjoys no benefits from the government at all. There is no priority for housing, healthcare and education.

However, a resident having resided in HK for over seven years can apply to become a HK citizen.

The point to note in HK is that you are either a citizen or not, there is no intermediate status such as a PR.


In Singapore, a PR status is renewed every five years depending on whether a person has made significant economic contribution. The criteria is subjective. It is speculated that a PR residing overseas mostly can retain the status if he has volunteered CPF contribution, and if he happens to work for a Singapore enterprise outside Singapore.

Lest we forget, like HK, Singapore PR status is for sale. As “little” as a few million, PR status can be bought for the whole family. It is a PR investor scheme administered by EDB.

Not too long ago, there was a PRC official who came under this scheme and has since been charged for embezzlement of Chinese state funds.

Many others came here to speculate in the property markets with little intention of creating good jobs for the locals. Cost of living is driven up and locals squeezed out from hospital beds, schools, car and property markets.

It would be great if the Parliament could explain:

– why do we still need to PR status in Singapore?

– would it not be better to eliminate the PR status totally by 2016?

– would it not make sense to have only Singapore citizens or foreigners on employment pass?

Current PRs would be given a reasonable time to convert to SINGAPORE citizens or be placed on employment passes.

Application for citizenship will only be considered after 7 years of residence, following HK’s practice.

And the government should introduce a fine to penalise Singapore citizens who are found to be holding a foreign passports as well. Don’t forget to give a reward to the whistle blowers too. Dual citizens are not welcome here.

We don’t want 6.9 million, especially if it’s achieved by influx of PRs.

Kampong Boy

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