KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — A video of a group of people in the buff outdoors, allegedly participating in the “Malaysia-International Nude Sports Games 2014 Extravaganza”, has been causing a stir on social media.

The clip, lasting nearly five-and-a-half minutes, was allegedly shot on a secluded beach in Penang where so-called “naturists” frolicked and took part in physical activities out in the open.

Among others, the event participants were seen racing one another in the nude, performing kettle bell exercises around a campfire and a “Gangnam-style horse dance” where a woman straddles a man on his back as he walks forward.

In one activity, a naked woman is seen trying to climb over three men as they lie shoulder-to-shoulder in the sand. All the activities were performed without a stitch on.

On Facebook, the video has now been shared over 260 times and has triggered a debate over its authenticity. Some Internet users defended the “naturists”, saying the group had every right to go nude as it was at a secluded location away from the public eye. Others, however, said it was illegal to go naked in public.

A summary of the video — which was credited to one Albert Yam — claimed that a total of 18 nudists took part in the undated event. The exact location of the beach was also not specified, though the summary claimed that the group took a boat ride out of Teluk Bahang Jetty to reach a “secret beach that is located around the back” of Penang island.

A park ranger taking care of the beach had also allegedly granted clearance for the event, according to the summary. A check on Yam’s page on video-sharing site Vimeo showed a slideshow from last year of a visit by the Nude Sports Games 2014 organising team to the beach. The older video also implied that the park rangers in charge of the beach had agreed to allow the event, even including photos of a few people believed to be the rangers having a discussion with the Games organisers.

Yam’s Vimeo page — which he started a year ago — listed his location as Australia, but a Google search of his name also lead to the Naturism in Singapore page on meetup.com, where he is listed as a member.

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