Target national servicemen in search for hotshots
I WONDER why we are still dependent on veterans like Gai Bin to represent Singapore in shooting when we have a large pool of young Singaporeans who have the potential to excel in this sport ("Gai challenges young hotshots: Now aim to replace me"; last Thursday).
I am referring to the thousands of young men who go through national service each year. Shooting is a key skill they have to acquire, and they undergo marksmanship tests where those in the top band are labelled marksmen. Indeed, those at the very top go on to become snipers.
These marksmen need only specialised training and coaching to excel in high-level competitions. Shooting is part of their job in the Singapore Armed Forces and any additional training they receive would be directly related to their vocation.
I suggest that the relevant stakeholders explore this option.
In my earlier letter ("Start SAF unit for athletes"; Nov 26, 2013), I urged the SAF to consider setting up a unit for sportsmen, to enable them to focus on developing their skills in the years they are serving NS.
Let us make a virtue out of the necessity for every male Singaporean to undergo two years of NS.
Peter Teo Boon Haw

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