WHEN I walk around my estate in Tampines, I find that many Singaporeans are not displaying our flag. Other than a few blocks decorated with flags by grassroots members, fewer blocks are adorned with symbols of our national pride this year.
I visited another part of Singapore and observed the same trend.
In my block, there is only one flag flying – from my apartment. I cannot help but ask if Singaporeans have lost their national pride.
Could it be that they are demonstrating their unhappiness with life in Singapore? Or could it be a show of unhappiness with the Government, which they equate with the country?
National pride and political affiliation are separate issues. I fly my flag because I love my country and want to show the world that I stand united with my fellow Singaporeans, regardless of race, language, religion and political affiliation.
We will be a laughing stock if we continually complain about the influx of foreigners, yet do not even bother to fly our flag in the lead-up to National Day. How would other countries view us? Would they regard us as a country united on the surface but divided at the core?
We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary of nation-building next year and it would be very sad if Singaporeans do not feel proud about it.
I urge my fellow citizens to fly the flag and be proud Singaporeans.
With National Day around the corner, what better time to demonstrate national pride?
David Tan Kok Kheng

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