BUTTERWORTH: A 22-year-old Chinese national was abducted and gang-raped after her friend was robbed and assaulted as he stopped for a toilet break at the Penang Bridge rest area.

The businessman, 46, had just alighted from his Hyundai Elantra when four men rode up on two motorcycles.

One of them approached him on the pretext of asking for directions.

While they were talking, the other three suddenly started assaulting him. He fell to the ground.

The attackers took the man’s wallet containing cash, personal documents and bank cards, as well as his mobile phone before fleeing the scene.

Two escaped on their motorcycles while another two jumped into the businessman’s car and drove away with the woman still seated inside during the 3am incident yesterday.

The woman said three of the suspects raped her before abandoning her near a petrol station in Sungai Dua near here.

Passers-by sent the woman to the hospital before she lodged a police report.

The car was later found near Sungai Lokan near Sungai Dua.

The businessman, meanwhile, hitched a ride from a passing taxi before lodging a report at the Mak Mandin police station near here.

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