Event 26 July: “Peace Gathering In Solidarity With Gaza”

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Dear Mr S Iswaran,

I refer to the above mentioned event that was held on the weekend of 26 Jul 14.

I would like to register my displeasure and regret to MHA for the organizer & speakers having blatantly displaying the Palestinian flag during their protest which is breaching the rules of the licensing conditions.
I would like to say that I find the act of these people most hypocritical as, if you had remembered, there was a previous outpouring of scorn when organizers of the Philippine Independence Day had intended to celebrate it in Ngee Ann City along with a flag raising ceremony.

Now we have a group of Singaporeans hoisting a foreign flag on our soil, a conduct that we cannot accept while respecting their right and freedom to express their sentiments at Hong Lim Park.

Many of the views disseminated at the event were defamatory and imbalanced as well and I hope you can work harder to keep our secular State free from any external religious or political conflict and worse still, the dragging in of peoples who are not a party to these multi faceted conflicts.

Yours faithfully,
Juliana O

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