Dear Editors,

I am disgusted and strongly disagree with The Straits Times for Sunday Life’s reporting on Ivan Heng’s same sex marriage.

Singapore is still a conservative society and if you look at the recent Pink Dot, Wear White and library book events, a huge number of usually apathetic Singaporeans have spoken out against this public parade of the LGBT lifestyle in Singapore.

Why is The Straits Times not practicing proper censorship? Why is ST, a national newspaper reporting a same sex marriage in such glowing positive terms? Is ST telling Singaporeans that same sex marriages are normal? What kind of family values is ST trying to portray to Singaporeans?

This has gone beyond the confines of my religion and is now a mainstream problem that Singapore is facing. Our children are at risk of growing up in an environment where the ‘FREEDOM TO LOVE’ takes precedence over common sense and natural procreation.

I honestly hope the Straits Times will get its act together and start reporting on the things that truly matter to Singaporeans. Reporters like Boon Chan who are obviously sympathetic to the LGBT cause should be reminded that they should not abuse their position of influence within the national newspaper to spread the LGBT agenda in Singapore.

Remember, for every 1 LGBT supporter, there are many more pro-Family supporters who are against the promotion of LGBT lifestyle in Singapore

Mohd Hanifi

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