My 78 years old Grandma (mother’s mother) was just admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 2 August 2014 (Saturday) around 11 am to A&E due to having fallen down and unable to walk.

She was given X-ray and found out that she got a crack at her hip plate. However she will need to undergo treatment and she will need to stay at the hospital.

Initially we were told there was not enough patients wards when we ask for a ward B2 type and later on we received a SMS from the hospital on her bed and ward number.

Here is where the problem start; when my uncle went down at night 9pm to visit and pass her some of her stuffs like jackets and her favor mug, he was not happy that she was placed at the corridor in front of the nurse counter, instead of a ward.

He was told that there was NO available ward or room for her, and so she had to sleep at the corridor of the B1 type ward. Why is this happening when the hospital send us an sms of her ward and bed number, but she is to sleep at the corridor, where every other patients’ family and relatives, and nurse are all passing by.

IS she meant for them to just watch and look at?

What happened to the promised available ward that claimed by Minster Gan Kim Yong on news and newspaper?

For that one day for her to sleep at the corridor, my family was able to take it that there was no available room for her at moment, and were understandable.

The next day at noon, my 2nd uncle and his family went down and was told that there was an AVAILABLE B1 type ward, which he agreed to pay more as long as there is a ward/room for her.

They were told to wait as the patient was awaiting discharge and they will push her bed in afterward. At 4 pm, my uncle went down and was shocked to see her to be outside at the same corridor, and not the promised ward. When he went and rise the issue to the nurse at the counter, he was told that they were trying to grab hold of a available wards for her the soonest possible, and he went to Square 2 to grab some bite.

At 5 pm, my mother, along with my sister and I, met up with my uncle to go and visit my grandma. We were shocked to see her bed still at the same corridor, and when we ask them, they told us there IS an AVAILABLE ward for her and will transfer to the ward by 6 pm.

As we continued to wait and prepare for the transfer, we were getting impatient and angry as the time passed by. We were told again the same ward and bed number by another nurse and will need to wait for the transfer. Wait till 8pm, when my grandma asked us to go back, we asked again when is the transfer and that is when we were told there is no available wards for her.

When we asked again if there really no available wards/room, they just told us there is nope. Just imagine this, having a going 80 years old grandma sleeping at the corridor for 2 night straight.

If one was to give an excuse that she is given the extra care since she is at the counter, since she had a crack in her hip plate and unable to walk properly, and having the fall risk tab on her. What would you feel if you were the one sleeping at that corridor for 2 night straight and having one passing and watching you.

We were promised that she will be given a wards, but if this go on, den what are we paying her bills for? For her to sleep at a bed at the hospital at one of the ward corridor? We do not mind the paying for the care given by the nurse and food and bed, but what kind of ward payment are we paying for?

Please help me Share this post and let people know of what happened to my grandma at TTSH.

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