More Singapore Girls Becoming Freelance Prostitutes to Make A Quick Buck?

Instead of sending a warning to men not to patronize underage prostitutes, the recent media publicity on the online vice syndicate saga which saw 48 men charged so far for having sex with a 17 year old girl may have the opposite effect of luring more girls into the vice trade following reports of ‘easy money’ being earned by the hooker.

The girl reportedly charged $500 per session with one Swiss banker paying $650 and grassroots leader Chua Ren Cheng paying $750 for her services. There was one ‘busy’ day where she earned more than $2,000 by having sex with four different men. She will never be able to earn that kind of money at her age and with her qualifications.

Social escort owners have reported an increase in the number of requests for underage girls, some as young a 15 joining them as social escorts (or freelance prostitute).

Where there is demand, there is supply and men are not deterred by the crackdown on commercial sex with minors either as they believe young girls to be more ‘clean’ and likely to be free from sexually transmitted diseases compared to older whores.

Besides underage girls, more girls above 18 years of age from undergraduates, working professionals, air stewardesses and models are willing to join the flesh trade.

A quick check on some social escort websites revealed their prices ranged from $200 an hour to more than $10,000 for an overnight stay.

Besides the quick buck, gifts from clients such as designer handbags, meals at swanky restaurants and sometimes even paid holidays are other attractions.

Prostitution is legal in Singapore. However prostitutes in legal brothels are usually from overseas. In the last few years, more and more Singapore girls are joining the flesh trade as evident from the number of postings on sex forums and sites such as craiglist soliciting customers.

Are Singapore girls really falling on hard times to resort to prostitution to support themselves and families or they simply hoping to earn a quick buck to fund their materialistic lifestyles?

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