SINGAPORE: Malaysian buses ferrying factory workers and school children into Singapore are reported to have staged a “strike” at the Malaysian Checkpoint at Johor Bahru.

MediaCorp Hotline received at least five calls about the incident early on Friday morning. One of the callers, Mr Tan, said he saw many Malaysian-registered buses ferrying factory workers from Johor refusing to continue their journey into Singapore at Woodlands.

He said this could be due to the imposition of higher fees for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) on August 1, affecting Johor-bound and Singapore-bound vehicles.

Mr Tan said the “strike” by the bus drivers caused heavy traffic congestion at the Checkpoint. Factory workers had to disembark at the Malaysian CIQ and walk a long distance into Singapore to board buses to their workplace.

Another caller said the congestion at the Malaysian CIQ had also affected school children travelling into Singapore. He said most of them will be late for school this morning.

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