This posting is in response to Youtube plea “I’m looking for a Girlfriend !” (Link:

Nice guy but he needs to make more of an effort.

I am not sure if he is trying all the resources available.

$500 for the matching making agencies is not much but okay, maybe finanically strapped. That ‘s ok.

I think you need to be more refine in your choices.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Mother’s network – hey, back in the old days, mother’s network quite strong one.

2. Sister’s network – sisters friends got younger sisters.

3. Father’s network – friends who have daughters.

4. Friends network – friends with wives or girlfriends sure have single girlfriends.

5. Relatives Network. Are you actively socializing with friends? Join those organizations that help you to be more exposed to young ladies of your age. Are you open to ladies from other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc.

Are you willing to travel for this special lady ? You should list down your hobbies etc that describe you .. ideal goals in life? … why you can’t get any girlfriends at this stage?.(tough question but the girl will ask you for sure – consider this as practise). what kind of girlfriend are you looking for – qualities in the future wife?

I ask this because when you are young, your ideals can go so high & unrealistic.. over time, you will start to refine your expectations. Hope this helps you Bro!

Good luck in your search!

Mr David Neo

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