MindChamps insults the sensibilities of the general public by threatening legal action over the B word

Pathetic and laughably ridiculous best describes this course of action taken by tuition centre chain MindChamps against a local forum just because one of its forumners called it “bullshit”.

READ THE LAWYER’S LETTER IN FULL HERE (http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/mindchamps-threatens-sue-internet-forums-over-word-bullshit)

This comes shortly after a certain loser of a Prime Minister sued a small time blogger for defamation. A case of monkey see, monkey do? Correction, monkey sue?

In the face of MindChamps, we say this: ” This whole episode is plain bullshit. Time to change your business name to MindPricks instead.”

Are you going to dispatch a cease and desist letter to us too just because we echo the true sentiments of the general public? We are sooooo scared. How about letting us have our lunch first and then we will get down to shaking with fear? Do be careful your intimidation tactics backfire in your face big time ala the hunter becomes the hunted.

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