Today is Hari Raya but not every family can celebrate this festive day, especially those elderly who stay alone. I went to visit this Malay grandpa at Beach Road today and was kind of upset when I saw his living condition.

He is 78 years old, staying alone in a rented flat. He refused to accept any assistance from the government agency despite that they are so willing to help him. I feel that this Malay grandpa is quite selective toward the people that coming forward to him. He reminds me of the Marsiling Lane grandma with three grandchild as they are equally stubborn.  

Check his kitchen and realized that he is eating very unhealthy and maybe at time eating food that left there for days. Nobody is taking care of him and he also refuse to stay in old folk home. 



I spent two hours chatting with this grandpa, as I'm trying to understand what he need and why he refuse public and government assistance. I told him that I will help him to clean up his house and will try to settle his outstanding utility bills within my own means and my own contacts. I brought him for a simple lunch at nearby fastfood restaurant, as most of the Muslim stalls is closed today.

Bought him some ration and packed him a packet of dinner after that. This is the most I can do for him as I'm also depending on my shows and events income for the people that I want to help. Project Awareness is different from the past, we no longer call for public donation and everything is done through my own means and contacts to help the needy people.

Everybody can be like me, set up your own volunteer group, help as many less-fortunate people as possible using your own mean. Otherwise join me or any volunteer group to lend them your helping hand. Project Awareness often post different volunteer's group and their projects at our page, you can check it out too. 

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