Jobless PMET forced to resign as assistant property manager at town council

I was a property agent for the past 3 years, prior to that I was a Tenancy Manager with a well-known relocation company.

I only have a diploma in computer studies with Informatics.

I was lucky enough to find jobs which I loved (real estate) – without relevant qualifications.

Recently, I started work as an Assistant Property Manager with a town council, the MD was a very nice man who told me skills-set can be learned and picked up along the way and that attitude is of utmost importance.

Unfortunately, I was attached to a senior manager to learn the protocols and procedures and he told me that I was not suitable for the job only after 3 weeks with him – shockingly he asked me to resign own my own.

He called the shots at this town council, without informing the MD and asked me to tender myself.

Ok I accepted the fate.

Now I have a another issue while out looking for another job – I was convicted of abetting my friend to misuse of computer and was fined $5000 in April 2014.

That was a busybody mistake I made back in 2010. I know its so hard for a convicted person to find another job

Do you have any suitable property-related job to recommend me?


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