Some cultures and traditional stays. Learn to respect others traditional. There’s so much talk about racial harmony but people keep complaining.

I remember about 20 years ago, during hungry ghost festival, when people start burning, neighbours will shut their window instead of complaining.

Some people will cheer and give wolf whistles when there is an entire motorcycle fleet revving during Malay weddings.

During Friday prayers, most people will avoid the area due to traffic jam. The regular Indian prayers at home also offers something new to their neighbours.

In the past, occasionally you have neighbours play mahjong throughout the night, drink beers at void decks, play guitars or chit chatting through the night, the rest of us live together give and take.

But these days, you burn incense papers, others call police, you illegal parking, others call police. Even Chinese wedding gate crush/Malay wedding or festive season, you make a bit of noise, others call police! What’s wrong with people these days?

The sad thing is that Singaporeans set up a lot of these neighbourhood FB groups and all seem to be very friendly online. But when it comes to face to face chats, everyone just keep quiet.

I feel very sad. No wonder FTs are getting the best out of Singaporeans because we Singaporeans don’t even care about one another. Yet we expect others to do so?

Sad Singapore

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