Why are our town councils managed by Aussies?

I have attached ACRA details of CPG FACILITIES MANAGEMENT PTE LTD, CPG CORPORATION and finally CPG HOLDINGS PTE LTD which is finally owned by a DOWNER GROUP FINANCE PTY LTD from Sydney Australia.

I understand that CPG Facilities Mgt is assisting Ang Moi Kio GRC, Tampines and Chua Chu Kang in their Town Council Management for many years.

I am confused and maybe you will like to enlighten me:

1) Why do we need to appoint a Australian company from Sydney who indirectly run CPG Facilities Mgt to management our Town Councils ??

Why the need to award contracts to CPG Facilities Mgt which is 100% owned by CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, which again is 100% owned by CPG Holdings Pte Ltd and finally the real owner is an Australian finance company Downer Group in Sydney??

2) In case CPG Facilities Mgt breached any contracts, will Downer Goup/Australia liable?

3) CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, the 100% shareholder of CPG Facilities Mgt Pte Ltd and based on ACRA record is managed by two officers, namely Grant Anthony Fenn and Craig Setter. Both are Australians and again is CPG Corporation legally accountable for failures if for the contracted company CPG Facilities Mgt Pte Ltd??

4) Town Council is funded by public funds and why they need to qualify contractors that have many layers of ownerships not different from businesses which do not allow transparency of ownership and financial transactions?? Why the need to allow such Cayman Island or Turks and Caicos type of organizations that utilized our public funding?

5) Are profits taken away to main holding company and as a result we may suffer tax losses over many years?

I am confused and very concern with this company CPG and their groupings. I thought this can happen only in the private sector.

I hope you will investigate since you are new in this ministerial portfolio

My regards and Happy Hari Raya Puasa.


Bibi Baba

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