A 44-year-old married Zhejiang man went to the doctor after experiencing stomach aches and blood in his urine, only to discover he was on his period. Not only that, but he had a full set of female reproductive organs.

Man-strual cramps

Chen knew something was wrong when he found himself constantly feeling fatigued and having a swollen face and legs. Even worse, he found blood in his urine. However, he never expected the CT scan to reveal that he had a uterus and ovaries.

Results from chromosome examination also showed that Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes, meaning that Chen was genetically a female.

Not only that, but a lump was found in his adrenal glands. Chen was suffering from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, a genetic disease that causes the adrenal glands to swell due to a decrease in stress hormone and an increase in male sex hormones. The bump was surgically removed.

The chief of the First People’s Hospital of Yongkang said that doctors did not think that Chen was a female at first. “He is wearing in men’s clothes with short hair so we didn’t think that he would be a female at the beginning,” he said (gotta love that professionalism). Though, after examination, they found Chen did not possess an Adam’s apple. His genitals were also different from other men’s too – the opposite in fact. Chen claimed that he had a sex life with his wife, but doctors doubted it.

These kind of medical cases are allegedly extremely rare. Doctors said that it was too late for Chen to seek for medical treatment, which was only effective for younger people.

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