I refer to the article about SG President attending the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

It is a good show of support for our athletes but the question is whether if the support is necessary at all.

From the article, it was not mentioned if the President will be having any official meetings during the trip.

This makes the trip by the President somewhat like a pure waste of national resources.

Assuming Mrs President travels as well, and accompanied by 3 staffing officers, the trip would cost at least $30,000. This is easily about the average income for a local family for a whole year.

It is not as if Singapore cannot afford to pay for this trip, but is the money well spent?

As a country, we continue to have low income families who struggle to make end meet. Surely if the political leaders and government officials spend more wisely, there could be surplus that can be directed to the less fortunate?

In addition, the time spent overseas by the President with a few sportsmen could be diverted to the locals who are in need of attention and help?

I wonder if the Ministry of Finance could disclose how much expenses were due to overseas travel by government and political leaders in recent years?

Kampong Boy

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