10 reasons K-dramas will ruin your future love life

Ever wondered why that person you had been eyeing for weeks just rejected you in a flash? Ever questioned why the love of your life, after years of being together, just threw you away (sorry to the recent singles!)? Well, chances are that you were taking lessons from the wrong teachers, possibly from K-dramas. Here are 10 ways your endless nights of K-drama marathons may contribute to transforming your happy love life into a terrible one:


1. You develop an unlimited amount of high expectation for your future husband/wife

An absolute disaster from the start! You continue to hope and dream (and search) for that one perfect other half who is capable of doing anything that those perfect, good looking people in K-dramas can do. Cook, clean, work and love you anywhere, anytime *wink wink*. Who wouldn't want a partner like that? But the consistent pressure placed upon your real-life significant other will affect them. Say bye-bye to romance *waves*

The perfect, unrealistic example of a house-handy husband:


The perfect house-handy husband




And also the perfect, unrealistic example of a house-tending wife:




2. You may be encouraged/convinced to become a pauper in order to attract those rich CEOs

This point is a way K-dramas can ruin your life overall! Honestly people, do not, I repeat, do not be brainwashed to think this way, ever! Though, with the way K-dramas depict it, it's practically fool-proof! O.O





However, in all honesty, this is how I would feel about it:





3. Any good looking man (or woman) may be under suspicion for being a supernatural creature

There is no way a person could simply just be this good-looking…there most certainly must be a catch!









4. Spending a fortune seems like the only solution to win your future love

Sure, throwing your money away is the perfect logic to adopt when trying to impress the opposite sex…geez, if only life was so simple…





5. You become a mute when it comes to expressing your feelings

In K-dramaland, we learn that in order to resolve anything, being silent and not communicating with the one you love is the perfect solution. Likewise, we learn from the best, and thus ENDANGER OUR RELATIONSHIP FOREVER! Come on, this is exactly the reason why the third wheel characters never get the one they want!





6. You must leave your birth country in order to find your true love

Or so you would believe. Don't believe me? Check out the examples below:

The Heirs – Eun Sang and Kim Tan meet in the lovely L.A., where their love begins to blossom





Fashion King – Once again, travel to the U.S of A in order to meet (properly) your fated lover





Lovers in Paris – As the drama name probably gives away, the future lovers meet in the City of Light, Paris. Here, everything goes wrong and then they return to Korea. But hey, they met outside of the country!





7. Noona romances seem like the most desirable relationships ever

For both the male and the female, noona romances (older female, younger male couples) seem to be the closest thing to an actual, proper relationship…most of the time. Excluding the crazy way they meet, the ridiculous reasons why they have to be together (or see each other) all the time, and the mess of events that occur after their meeting, everything else seems steamy normal enough!

Such examples include:

I Hear Your Voice





My Love From Another Star





Personal Taste




and I Need Romance 3




8. Misleading scenes from K-dramas may teach you things sex-ed never bothered sharing

Wait, wait, wait a second…winking and holding hands doesn't make babies?! WHAT THE HELL?!





9. We're convinced to believe that once we find a person to go out with, a billion more guys and gals will swarm around and demand us too

So, you go from lonely and single for years to becoming someone as popular as Jennifer Lawrence? Damn man, what a life! HAHAHA! But seriously, where were you people years ago when I was only talking to myself in my cheap, half-empty apartment?

Like in You're Beautiful





10. You're under the belief that your life is more special than anyone else's, which translates to "My life is just like a K-drama romance"

You constantly compare your life to the the lives of people on a screen, and thus convince yourself that your love life is going to become just as cool as a K-drama romance. Pfft, like that's ever going to happen, right?? Right?…Hey, I'm right, right?

Please don't kill me ><

Let me know down in the comments below what other ways K-dramas ruin your love life, whether you're a guy or gal!

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