The Nanyang Business School (NBS) Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) was cancelled two days ago — three days since it started — after several of its participants were hospitalised, having suffered seizures. The camp was due to end today.

All of them, except for one with an eye infection, have since been discharged. The Nanyang Chronicle was unable to confirm if that student also suffered seizures.

The cancellation was a joint decision by the camp chairperson, his organising committee and the school, said Associate Professor Low Kin Yew, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Academic) at NBS, in response to queries from the Nanyang Chronicle.

While the cause of the seizures is still being investigated, Assoc Prof Low said it was “possible that fatigue during camp or even a lack of adequate sleep accumulated over the World Cup period” could have been contributing factors.

However, he ruled out physically-demanding or late night camp activities as possible causes. “The planned camp activities were not overly strenuous and were scheduled to end by about 11pm each night,” Assoc Prof Low added.

Students the Nanyang Chronicle spoke to were surprised at the news of the hospitalisations, given the number of safety measures in place.

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