LONDON – A six-year-old schoolgirl was allegedly raped by two staff members at a school in Bangalore city, BBC news quoted police as saying yesterday – the latest in a series of rape cases that have shocked India.

The incident occurred on July 2 but was discovered by her parents only a few days ago, after the girl complained of stomach ache and was taken to hospital, the report said.

Just last week, the police arrested two men in Jharkhand state over the rape of an 11-year-old girl, which was allegedly ordered by a village leader to punish her brother.

News of the latest alleged sexual assault prompted hundreds of protesters to gather outside the Bangalore school to shout slogans, with some of them pulling down its gates.

The police have yet to make an arrest, amid allegations that the girl was raped by a security guard and a gym instructor.

The BBC reported that the police are trying to identify the guilty men among the various guards and gym instructors at the school in the southern Indian city.

“They have handled it very shoddily,” said Mr Vivek Sharma, whose son is studying there.

Yesterday, school chairman Rustom Kerawala offered parents his “sincere apologies” and promised “full cooperation” with the police investigation, the report said.

Rape cases and violence involving women victims have come under intense scrutiny in the nation of 1.2 billion people since the December 2012 gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old student on a bus.

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