Dear editors,

Ministry of Health has failed Singaporeans again. I have a very bad experience at Parkway East Hospital (formerly know as East Shore Hospital).

My worker was admitted to this hospital. After all the wait, I was told that it cost $30,000 for the total bill. We were told by the staff that the management insisted that we have to make full payment before they will start the operation.

We explained to them that we will come in with cash first thing the next day morning but we were turned down.

After trying our very best to explain to them that it is 6pm and we do not walk around with $30,000 in our pocket.

They refuse to understand. We panicked.

Our worker’s severed fingers are waiting to be stitched back.

The best part is we were told to swipe 6 credit cards to make up the amount.


What am I supposed to do if I don’t own so many cards? Leave my staff to die?

I cannot believe this after all the plans that our government promised to improve our nation.

This hospital insist that no money no talk. Surgery was supposed to start at 6pm but it was delayed due to this issue.

In the end it only start at 7. We decided to withdraw him and move to other hospital.

We seriously don’t have $30,000 at that moment and didn’t want to delay him due to this issue.

Our main concern is what if his fingers cannot be stitched back after all these delays. Then the staff agree that we can make payment the next day morning. If it can be worked that way why turn us down at first?

Why make the patient suffer all these and put us through all these stress?

As a public hospital, isn’t the patient’s condition be your primary concern?

You simply just try to push your luck to squeeze as much monies as you can and only give up when you relise that its not possible.

Sad. Very sad. Thought that this thing will only happened in China or India. And it actually happening in Singapore. What has our Singapore become?

Wilson Chan

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