Jailed for using cellphone to film woman changing clothes

by ELENA CHONG, Straits Times

A SUPERMARKET manager wanted to know what one of his colleagues looked like without her clothes on, so he left his mobile phone in a toilet cubicle to film her getting changed.

Pang Sou Bak, 30, was jailed for 12 weeks yesterday after he admitted insulting the modesty of a 26-year-old woman while working at the Giant supermarket in Yishun on May 29.

A magistrate’s court heard that Pang was told by senior management that the female employee would take over from him when his shift finished at 11pm.

He went into the staff toilet cubicle and left his mobile phone on a shelf after setting it to video recording mode. A few minutes later, the woman entered the toilet to change and was filmed taking off her blouse. While she was changing, she noticed the mobile phone on the shelf, then picked it up and stopped the video recording.

By then, the phone had recorded eight minutes of footage of her taking off her blouse and exposing her upper body and bra. She recognised the phone to be Pang’s and confronted him.

He apologised but she called the police.

Pang, who pleaded for leniency, had previous convictions for burglary, house-breaking and outrage of modesty in 2004.

He could have been jailed for up to one year and/or fined for insulting modesty.

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