Singapore Supports Egypt’s Ceasefire Proposal for Gaza

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said it welcomes and supports a ceasefire proposal by Egypt. A week of Israeli bombardments to stop cross-border rocket fire has claimed nearly 200 lives in Gaza so far.

“We are deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian crisis and the continued conflict in Gaza,” an MFA spokesman said in a statement.

Egypt had proposed a truce starting at 2pm Singapore time today (July 15), and the Israeli security cabinet has voted in favour of it. However, Hamas has rejected it and a Gaza rocket hit the Israeli city of Ashdod hours after the ceasefire was supposed to start.

“We are encouraged by Israel and the Palestinian National Authority’s acceptance of the proposal, and we hope Hamas will do likewise,” said the MFA spokesman.

MFA is also urging all sides to work closely with Egypt to prevent further destruction and bloodshed. “The immediate priority for all sides is to work towards a ceasefire, bring an end to the suffering and loss of innocent lives, and allow humanitarian assistance to reach the affected areas.”

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