by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

SINGAPORE – McDonalds Singapore’s new satay burgers and banana pie have received criticisms from Singaporeans.

The new items were promoted in McDonald Singapore’s Facebook page yesterday (15 July).

Some Singaporeans ST spoke to expressed disgust at the new items.

“The buns of the burger looks like female’s private parts!”, Madam Virginia Lao Chu Nu exclaims in shock, “Why must they pair the burgers with banana pies? Private part and bananas? What is McDonalds teaching our children?”

Mr Aaron Alif shakes his head, “The evil Jews purposely shaped it like that to plant evil thoughts in us Muslims and bait us to eat those. I am going to boycott McDonalds!”.

We asked the opinion of a primary school boy who has just finished his McDonald meal.

“The satay burger is very very wet and juicy!”, Xiao Peng You said in delight, “but I like the banana pie more because it is very big and very long. It is also hot”.

McDonalds Singapore cannot be reached for comments.

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