Dear Admin, I plead for my guilty and in need to ask a favor from you to post my apologies across the malay community.

Date 16th July 2014

From ZC Vuong

Dear all malay friends,

The purpose of this is to apologize of what I did on the racist comments on posting on Malays remarks in facebook pages.

I sincerely hope my apologies is being brought across the malay community. It is not my sole purposes in commenting in racial remarks against malays and the religion. I sincerely apologize to all malays communities. I sincerely hope that all of you would share my apologies behalf of the malay community in your page and share among your friends, I hope to spread my message across to the malay community that I am truly remorse of what I did on commenting racist remarks. I did because I type without thinking of respecting malay and their religion, I truly understand that Singapore is a multi racial harmony country. I am glad to be a Singaporean and living in Singapore. As I touch my heart and truly declare that I am not that kind of person in which to be a racist against another race. I do have a group of malay friends who is in good terms with me for years. During my national services days, even my platoon sections mates consist of malays, we are buddies and we look after each other. We are in good terms till now.

I truly felt remorse of what I did, I hope to be forgiven by the malay community. I have since removed my facebook account, I decided to end this, as this is truly not right to build up racial tension among us. I have learnt my lessons through all this wrong doings of my stupidity. I sincerely hope to be forgiven.

To end this, I am truly sorry of my actions done. I hope this message spread across among all malay community.

Yours sincerely,

ZC Vuong

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