Dear All Singapore Stuff,

A friend of my niece recommended her a job and helped to submit her CV to the HR manager who happened to be an FT.

When she submitted the my niece’s CV, the HR just said put it in the tray and she will go through it later. So the friend left it on the tray and walked out of the room.

Before this friend left, she turned around and glanced towards the HR manager and was shocked to see the HR take one glance at the CV and threw it into the rubbish bin!

So the friend confronted the FT manager on why she did that and the FT HR manager’s answer was unbelievable!

The FT HR said: “I don’t want to waste my time because she only has “O” level and is not suitable for customer service position”

My friend stomped out in anger and wrote a long complain email to the Singaporean company director. The director investigated the HR and the HR manager was fired from her job.

It was discovered that the FT HR manager always pushed for and interviewed FTs only. The HR FT manager had a no Singaporean need apply policy.


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