While waiting in line at the post office, two notices caught my attention.

One was a police alert while the other warned against being duped by lottery scammers and kidnap ruses.

At shopping malls these days, a life size cardboard cop serves as a substitute for the real thing.

Foreigners have seized the opportunity to blatantly break the law: busking, fly in and fly out criminal elements, murders, vice, strikes, thuggish conduct and even rioting in Little India.

Thanks to the COI on the Little India riot, SPF made the startling revelation that the country is short of 1000 police officers.

Is this shortage due to the regime characteristic unwillingness to spend on public welfare, a miserliness that’s frequently associated with it? Or could it be few are prepared to join SPF?

We see daily advertisements in the papers for the Auxiliary Police but none by SPF. Is this a cost cutting measure by the regime since its ethos is cheap labour?

And why do we see a sudden LTA Enforcement presence all over the island indiscriminately and arrogantly handing out traffic summonses but Traffic Police cops are a rarity?

Law and order in Singapore is sliding. With a 6.9 million population, it will be worse.

SPF has admitted Geylang is lawless. With an ineffective SPF, will more areas become lawless enclaves?

Despite the shocking revelation of a severe shortage in manpower in SPF, regime has not addressed the issue or offer any assurance to the public.

The widely held perception that PM Lee is incompetent and is the wrong person to lead the country forward is once again reinforced.


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