Yesterday (14 Jul), the media reported that defects and poor workmanship were again found in newly completed HDB BTO flats. This time, it’s Tampines GreenLeaf.

The Tampines GreenLeaf residents were so upset with the workmanship that they have also approached their MP, Baey Yam Keng, to address the issue. They also set up a Facebook support group to exchange information with each other facing the defect problems in their flats. They also want to meet Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, the MP for Tampines GRC, to get him to help.

“I was shocked at the number of defects. I felt very upset and short-changed,” said Ms Teo, a new resident at Tampines GreenLeaf. When she entered her new 4-room flat last month, she was shocked by the plain brown of its timber skirting.

“It was quite an eyesore. That kind of brown is not even like normal wood,” she said. The sample they saw when selecting their flat had visible wood grain. That sort of skirting is in place for the first two Tampines GreenLeaf blocks, 522A and 522B but not hers.

Another resident, Mr Simon Ng, complained about the widening gaps between the skirting and the wall. “The defects will definitely delay my plans for moving into the new house,” said Mr Ng. “The worst is that during this period, I have to pay for two houses, which is tough.”

Other reported problems by the residents include uneven tiles, chipped walls and rust stains.

HDB acknowledged that out of about half (430) of the flats handed over so far, 30% have reported problems.

MP Baey tried to downplay the problems by saying, “When you have a concentration of interest and views, it just reinforces or heightens feelings.” He said he has received just five to 10 e-mail messages.

Nevertheless, Mr Baey and Minister Heng are arranging to be briefed by the HDB and then to meet residents. HDB said they are doing their best to address the feedback.

Contractor is Soildbuild Construction Group Ltd

Tampines GreenLeaf is situated at the junction of Tampines Avenue 6 and Tampines Avenue 9. The BTO project consists of 960 flats in total [Link]:

96 units of 2-room flats
160 units of 3-room flats
384 units of 4-room flats
320 units of 5-room flats
According to HDB [Link], the successful tenderer for this 960 unit BTO project was Soilbuild. The building works were awarded to Soilbuild on 26 Sep 2011, 3 years ago, at value of $131 million:

Hence, the average cost of constructing each HDB BTO flat in Tampines GreenLeaf works out to be $136,458.

Who is Lim Chap Huat?

It turns out that Mr Lim Chap Huat is a PAP grassroots leader in Nee Soon GRC. He is the vice-chairman of the Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) in Chong Pang. On top of that, he is Assistant Treasurer of PAP’s Chong Pang branch ( [Link]. Mr Lim is also a recipient of the PBM (Public Service Medal) and BBM (Public Service Star).

His company website says of him (

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