SG Bookie King Wilson Raj Perumal Insults Malays and Threatens TNP Reporter

Wanted criminal match fixer Wilson Raj Perumal is back to what he does best when his nefarious activities are highlighted – attacking the person who reveals his sordid crimes, in this case, The New Paper's (TNP) Zaihan Yusoff. Even worse in his feeble attempt to mock Zaihan, he oversteps a boundary and insults Zaihan's race group – the Malays, in a Facebook (FB) post:
In fact he made 2 similar FB posts, in the first he threatened Zaihan with some sort of violence remarking, 'Revenge is dish best served cold and who knows maybe in 10 years we shall meet.' He swiftly deleted that but kept this. As usual in this post, he attempts to mitigate his crime and punishment (5 years Corrective Training), by alluding to other cases, claiming his innocence. What he fails to disclose is that this is the 3rd or 4th time he's been convicted of violence and his long history of criminal conduct ranging from house-breaking, to match fixing, assault, cheating and passport crimes. He also fails to mention that he was warned by the court the last time that he was staring at Corrective Training the next time he appeared before it. This is not some first offender who was forced or conned into crime, this is a repeat offender with a propensity for criminal conduct every time he's set free and allowed back into society. Where ever he goes, be it in Singapore or abroad, he brings along his propensity to defy public laws and impart his nefarious ways on everyone he comes into contact with.  

Unlike Wilson Raj's 'rubbish e-book', TNP's Zaihan came up with his own book 'Foul', which is fast becoming a best-seller. Clearly this has infuriated Wilson's ego further.

What is worse in this case is his racist remarks against the Malays in an attempt to discredit Zaihan. He calls volunteer Malay girls who act as cheerleaders at local S-League matches – cheap hookers. He alludes they will do anything for a packet of 'nasi lemak' and a $20 salary. This is a racist comment intended to show Malay girls as cheapskates and of low morals. He even has the temerity to suggest that the local Muslim authority – MUIS is doing nothing and allowing this, and further alludes to Malay girls languishing in foreign prisons as drug mules of Nigerian drug smugglers.

Some S-League cheerleaders. Do they look Malay to you? Are they hookers on $20 salaries and a packet of nasi lemak? Maybe Wilson should speak to their fathers, since he's proud to be one! I'm sure they would be very keen to hear him say that to their faces.

What he fails miserably in this disgusting attempt to portray Zaihan as coming from an inferior race, is that cheerleaders at S-league games are volunteers who choose to support their clubs. They come from all races, not just Malays. The allusion to 'nasi lemak' – a common everyday Malay meal, is that Malays are low-class, who will eat only low-class cheap food. As for drug mules, this also spans all races and many of these women were conned by drug lords on the pretext of love. And who's Wilson to pass judgment on this, when in fact it's he himself, who set up a friend (a former S-League player), to be a drug mule? (I mentioned this case in my first blog post about Wilson's criminality) He directed a friend to traffick 5 kg of heroin from India to Italy, where he was eventually caught. Fortunately for that guy, he only copped 5 years. If Wilson wants to talk about drug mules, perhaps he should start with himself and the number of friends who ended up in prison because of their association with him.

This is the typical Wilson Raj – leaving a courtroom in the company of a policeman. A feat he's performed more times than Brazil and Germany have won the World Cup combined!.

Anyway to interpret this FB post of his, I've once again turned to a family friend of his family, Rajah. Below is a transcript of the interview. (I'm AH as usual):
AH: Well Rajah, please read the mentioned FB post and give me your thoughts.
Rajah: You're right, it's disgusting and typical Wilson.
AH: Please explain.
Rajah: He will never admit his faults and will try to attack the person revealing them, in the hope it'll show him as a very good and innocent person.
AH: Go on
Rajah: I dunno about the background of Eaton and Zaihan, but suffice to say they are people I'd be willing to associate with than with Wilson. These people may be chasing a story but they are not criminals.
AH: Obviously
Rajah: He acts as if he went to Finland on a holiday trip. He went to Finland to fix a game full-stop.
AH: And this so-called non-cooperation with FIFA?
Rajah: Obviously he won't cooperate with them because he knows if he did, he'll have to go to places like Bahrain, South Africa, the UK, Turkey and Australia, and if he goes there, he'll be spending time behind bars in all of these countries. He's like a virus, everywhere he goes he infects.
AH: He denies being behind Chann Sankara's UK match fixing
Rajah: And you believe him?
AH: No
Rajah: Of course it's him, Chann is a dumb fool without experience in match fixing, he needed a senior criminal figure to guide him. Wilson was behind him all the way and he foolishly believed Wilson like many others.
AH: He isn't the first. How come people get conned by him?
Rajah: Wilson has the gift of the gab. People who like football will be fascinated by match fixing and the so-called 'guaranteed winnings. All Wilson has to do is allay their fears and tell them they stand to make lots of money.

What was Chann Sankaran doing in Hungary with Wilson Raj? Discussing how to become good fathers and useful citizens perhaps?

AH: Ok coming to Zaihan, why is Wilson angry with him?
Rajah: Wilson has an ego the size of elephant's balls!
AH: Meaning?
Rajah: As you mentioned he'll never admit to his criminal activity or his past. He acts as if he's some kind of innocent virgin. He never committed crimes before. He's always right, never wrong.
AH: So he wants people to write glowing articles about him and paint him as a victim?
Rajah: Yes. And if he's a victim, then maybe I can become the Pope even though I'm not Catholic!
AH: Lol
Rajah: Yes, that's Wilson for you. You remember the Zimbabwe incident?
AH: Yes, he bribed the FA President and arranged a fake Zimbabwean team.
Rajah: At first he denied any wrongdoing, saying the President is a good woman. But later when the cat was of the bag what did he say? He refused to take responsibility and said Zimbabwe should solved their poverty first! Always somebody is wrong but not him.
AH: What about this talk about manhood and the threat to Zaihan.
Rajah: I didn't read the threat but it's not surprising. Anyway he's a nobody here in Singapore. Maybe in Africa and Eastern Europe, he got criminal friends, in Singapore he's a wanted criminal and got no backing. In fact he was running from the under-world here for such a long time because he cheated Pal and so many others.
AH: Yes plus the fact if he does it here again, he might get more than 5 years CT the next time given his record.
Rajah: You know a few of his friends got whacked because of him?
AH: Explain
Rajah: When he was running from Pal and others, once they cornered him somewhere in Jalan Kayu I believe. He managed to escape but his friends got whacked badly. Another time his Brazilian Boys were playing football, and they came looking for him. He again escaped but the boys took a pasting. See how wonderful mixing with Wilson is!
AH: Wow, very troubling.
Rajah: I must say something about this manhood thing, I'll leave the Malay remarks to what you mentioned. But that's true, Wilson always looks down on Malays and those who are not rich. He thinks money is everything, if he's loaded, everything and everyone can be bought off.
AH: Ok what about the manhood thing?
Rajah: It's full of shit as usual.
AH: Explain please.
Rajah: You mean he needs to wait till he's 48 years old to prove his manhood? Even so, what's the big deal? This is typical of a man who refuses to take responsibility and has priorities in life all wrong.
AH: Go on please.
Rajah: Any man can become a father. But being a father is totally different thing altogether.
AH: Absolutely correct.
Rajah: He's so proud to say he's a father, but does he have money to buy his children milk? Is he working and providing for them? Or is he borrowing money and scamming people?
AH: He posted he got married yesterday.
Rajah: On WC Final day, how convenient. How come none of his family members were congratulating him on his wall? All were his so-called FB friends.
AH: It's just a ruse?
Rajah: Well it's certainly news to me. Anyway half of his family want nothing to do with him. They are ashamed at his criminality and refusal to be a responsible person.
AH: Ok thanks for sharing.
That concludes another episode of Wilson's sordid life. He's sunk deeper with this uncalled for insult on the Malays just to spite Zaihan. I wonder whether he'll tell Malay inmates what he thinks of them when he arrives at Changi Prison for his 5 year stint? Oh yes, try as best to convince himself he's smarter than everyone, he should perhaps heed this old Malay proverb (thanks to a Malay friend for the proverb and explanation):
'Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke-tanah juga' – No matter how cleverly the squirrel jumps, in the end it'll still fall to the ground.'

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