Dear Editors,

Seeing the images of destruction and despair from the current Israel-Palestine conflict raises the question: Why does this conflict between Israel and Palestine never seem to end? Everytime a peace agreement is in place, some incident would take place, tearing this uneasy truce to pieces and the cycle of mutual destruction resumes.

This carnage happens whenever society starts to believe and bow down to the wishes of extremists. To illustrate this, let us look at how this latest Gaza conflict came to being.

This conflict started to rear its ugly head when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and after days of searching, found to have been murdered in cold blood, presumably by Palestinian extremist militants.

In response, six extremists from Israel’s ultra-nationalist right wing kidnapped an innocent Palestinian teenager and murdered him in retaliation.

This sparked renewed Palestinian anger against Israel and Palestinian extremists soon grabbed the opportunity and started raining rockets into Israel.

Unfortunately, instead of taking a measured response against HAMAS’s low-tech rocket attacks, Israel’s leadership caved in to pressure from right-winged ultra-nationalist extremists and began an all out military campaign to destroy the extremist HAMAS militant group.

Israel used overwhelming deadly force against militant targets, many of which were civilian-occupied buildings used by HAMAS extremists to launch their rockets and resulted in many collateral civilian deaths.

Now, this cycle of violence continues and doesn’t appear to be ending in spite of the alarming death toll. Despite the international community’s condemnation and call for maximum restraint, Israel has bent over to the wishes of warmongering extremist within the country and resisted universal calls for a truce and ceasefire.

Likewise, HAMAS, the Palestinian extremist group riding on mounting Palestinian anger, increased the number of rockets fired into Israel and insists on doing so until Israel is completely destroyed.

By resorting to violence as their only solution, is peace ever possible between Palestine and Israel? How can there be peace when extremists from both sides have taken control and insists on a solution bent on mutual destruction?

At the end of all these, who suffers? It is the people, the people who wish to live their lives normally. The people from both Palestine and Israel who wish to live without fear of devastating airstrikes or rocket attacks.

Regardless of your faith, pray for the people of Palestine and Israel that sane moderate voices would emerge from both sides and put a stop to this mutual violence.

The use of violence seldom bring about its desired outcome but guarantees only misery, hardship and suffering. History has demonstrated time and again the pitfalls of such violent extremism and it is up to humans to recognise this and stop such extremism from taking root.


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