ISETAN Deputy General Manager Apologised To PUMA Tudung Sales Girl

Hi everyone, it’s time for an update…

After the last email sent to them, the deputy manager called. Attempting to give excuses for the managers’ actions, saying that it was due to carelessness that the managers behaved that way.

Which is funny because they also mentioned the managers were very experienced and always do routine regulation checks on the promoters. According to the deputy manager, there is an SOP to adhere to but they did not follow the SOP for addressing a regulation problem (in this case-the attire).

Upon further probing, on the SOP for a sensitive issue like shoplifting, the deputy manager explained that in the event of a shoplifting, the SOP that follows requires the manager to bring the shoplifter to a private area away from public eye for further investigations. Did the victim commit a crime far worse than shoplifting that it had to be addressed in the public’s eye there and then?

And the best part, one of the managers involved in the incident tried to contact Puma directly to find out a detailed information of the victim without the knowledge of the deputy manager. In doing so, she has unknowingly revealed her identity.

As of now, there is still no reply from them.

The deputy manager is a nice and friendly man who is trying his best to cater to both parties and is caught in this messy situation. The managers should be the ones addressing this matter.

Zafirah Edwards

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