Suspicious Holes on Male Changing Room Cubicle Walls in Woodlands Swimming Complex
Singapore Sports Council,
I am a regular swimmer in Woodlands Swimming Complex and my son also attends swimming lessons regularly in the same pool. There are times he will attend the lessons by himself because we are staying opposite the swimming complex.
Last Saturday (12/07/2014), when I was showering in one of the cubicles at the male changing room that is furthest from the exit, I noticed some greyish spots on the cubicle wall.


I took a closer look and realised it is a small hole that one could peek through to the adjacent cubicle. The greyish spots looks like cement that had been used to cover the hole but was dug out again.

The location of the peek hole is purposely positioned at the crotch level and one can only imagine the "uses" for this hole.
I checked the walls of other cubicles and was shocked to discover the other cubicles walls all had similar peek holes.
SSC, please take action. As a father, how can I let my primary school age son use the shower facilities in the men's toilet with a peace of mind when there are potential sick perverts peeking at their private parts?
I have attached the photos. This complaint is also cc-ed to social media websites to ensure this complaint is looked into immediately. 
Please take action and catch the culprits responsible for this heinous act. Our children's modesty are at stake. 
Mr Cheng

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