Andy’s father made $270 million betting on Germany

Andy’s father, the man who famously put his son’s entire savings on Germany winning the World Cup 2014, has made more than $270 million in profits.

The opening odds offered for Germany winning the World Cup before the tournament kicked off was $16 winnings for every dollar bet.

Andy’s father said: “I put my son’s entire $30,000 savings into it and I made $480,000 from that bet alone.” The lion’s share of his winnings came from the other matches Germany played, as he adopted a double down strategy.

Andy’s father explained: “I put $200,000 of my own money on Germany winning each game and when I win, I’ll put all the money on Germany winning again.” “And I even predicted correctly that Germany will draw with Ghana.

For the group stage alone, I roughly made $15 million in one week.” “Plus, I made additional bets on all the total goals scored correctly.”

“I would like to thank everybody’s support and prayers. I don’t need to rely on CPF handouts in the future anymore.”

“And I will be buying a fleet of 16 Mercedes Benz for my neighbours.”

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