NLB to Reinstate Banned Penguin Book After Drawing Breasts on Male Penguin

In light of the public uproar over the removal of two non-pro-family books from the shelves of public libraries across Singapore, the National Library Board has announced that it will be reinstating the banned book And Tango Makes Three so long as minor edits to the book’s content are made.

Tu Shu Guan, a spokesperson for the NLB, said: “In the spirit of compromise, we have decided to reinstate the book And Tango Makes Three to the shelves of all public libraries, but in order to ensure that the NLB’s pro-family stance is maintained, we will require that breasts be drawn on one of the two parent penguins.”

“This will help ensure that children will not be confused as to which penguin is the mother and which is the father, thus preventing the book from promoting alternative family lifestyles.”

Already, Singapore’s conservatives are hailing the move as a groundbreaking milestone in public discourse, saying that such a move shows the NLB’s willingness to compromise on hot topic public issues.

Yeshu Ai Ni, a member of the Singaporean conservative community, said: “I think this is a very good move on the part of NLB, since it preserves the library’s core commitment toward promoting pro-family values without removing any cute penguins from its shelves.”

When questioned by reporters whether such a move would inadvertently promote transgenderism, Tu said: “Oh shit.”

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