Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

In an unprecedented move, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has announced Andy will be exempted from mandatory National Service. His father will also be exempted from further National Service call up cycles and phased into Mindef Reserves with immediate effect.

Andy and his father were in the spotlight for their prediction on Germany’s World Cup victory in an anti-gambling TV advertisement. The ad went viral internationally after Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil in the semi-finals.

In a statement to the media this morning (14 Jul), MINDEF pointed out the father and son pair has contributed significantly to three out of the five pillars of Total Defence: Economic Defence, Social Defence and Psychological Defence.

Elaborating on the decision, Spokesperson Brigadier-General Yee Ker Xing explained, “Since the ad went viral, Singapore Pools’ income has improved by 60.1% which is a boost to Economic Defence. On Social Defence and Psychological Defence aspect, Ministry of Home Affairs has reported a 39.9% drop in xenophobic-related crimes while our conscript soldiers have reported to be more enthusiastic in their training due to Singapore’s increased popularity in the world stage.”

“Andy and his father are model Singaporeans,” Brigadier-General Yee added, “We hope more Singaporeans will step out to serve the country in different capacities “.

Andy will not be required to report to Central Manpower Base once he reached 16.5 years of age, the statutory age to report for mandatory military service.

However, Some Singaporeans disagree with MINDEF’s decision. Lao Du Gui remarked, “They can serve National Service to predict Euro 2016 then World Cup 2018! Then what about next season’s S-league and Singapore Cup? How? I bet what?”

When contacted, Andy’s father is not too pleased. He said, “So finally they will be giving me a free watch la? I just bought a Longines yesterday you know!”

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